June 26, 2018

 Acting at the End of the World: Ed Fornieles at Galerie Wedding, Berlin

Acting at the End of the World: Ed Fornieles at Galerie Wedding, Berlin Ed Fornieles is interested in the ways that people create and inhabit identities. How susceptible are we...
June 21, 2018

Lore Of The Mount: In the Studio with Simon Hughes

Lore Of The Mountain: In The Studio With Simon Hughes Looking out of the windows in Simon Hughes' studio we see Winnipeg in two cardinal directions, its low-lying buildings and...
June 12, 2018

Unknown Past, Unknown Future: An Te Liu at MARSO Foundation, Mexico City

A crumbling Porfirian-era mansion in the centre of Mexico City houses NEW LIFE, An Te Liu’s first solo exhibition in the city. Shielded from the street by dark iron gates...
May 29, 2018

Earth/Air/Fire/Water: Wanda Koop at Arsenal New York

In the exhibition STANDING WITHSTANDING, Wanda Koop presents a selection of works encompassing some of the major themes of her career. A clear path emerges, connecting a video-installation presented at...
May 16, 2018

Life, Death, and Heavy Metal: In The Studio With Paul Butler

Paul Butler has worn many hats in the art world. He has tried his hand at nearly every art-related occupation available to somebody who showed early promise as an artist...
April 13, 2018

On MKUltra, LSD, and Generational Trauma: The Upcoming Performances of Sarah Anne Johnson

For the last ten years, Sarah Anne Johnson has been making work in response to an unusual and deeply traumatic event in her family’s history. In 1956, nobody in the...
March 10, 2018

A Future We Do Not Yet Know: In The Studio With An Te Liu

by Anna Kovler In a defunct, light-filled car garage, An Te Liu is wrapping up production of his new bronze sculptures in preparation for the Armory Show in New York....
March 1, 2018

The Spaces We Inhabit: In the Studio with John Monteith

by Anna Kovler My first question upon entering John Monteith’s studio was: which part of your body gets hurt from making these? My hand, and especially my thumb, he replied,...
February 20, 2018

Materials (re)invented: Not Too High, Not That Low at Division Toronto

by Anna Kovler To say that a woman has “come undone” is to say she has lost her composure or self-control. In the group show Not Too High, Not That...